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A Family-Owned Business

Located near the majestic Yellowstone River south of Laurel. Home to more than grapes, the vineyard has witnessed wildlife ranging from skunks and deer to the occasional moose, bears and mountain lions. Many birds frequent the area around the vineyard including wild turkeys and many migratory songbirds. The vineyard is 1/2 mile from Laurel's Riverside Park off Highway 212. We are also a short distance from the BLM's Sundance Lodge Recreation Area. 


Our Story

In 2013, while visiting friends, we were introduced to a cold-hardy variety of grapes capable of enduring difficult growing condition such as the winter temperatures in Montana. The "Beta" vines, as described to us, dated back to the early activities of the Yellowstone County Extension Agency in the 1940's. In 2014, after extensive research, traveling to other cold-climate regions of the country and meeting with successful vintners, the first 50 Frontenac variety vines were planted and a portion of the property surrounding our home became F Bar 3 Vineyard. 
Over the next few summers, while we waited for the vines to mature, newer grape varieties were found that could also survive our Montana winters. By 2019 we had planted 5 Verona vines, 13 Marquette vines, 104 Itasca vines, 332 Crimson vines and 405 Petite Pearl vines covering approximately 1.5 acres. In 2021 we further expanded the vineyard adding more vines and new varieties.

F Bar 3 Vineyard, LLC.

Dedicated to the production of eco-friendly crops of superior quality.



Our grape varieties were developed by private breeders and universities in Minnesota and New York. They are hardy plants that have thrived here along the Yellowstone River.

Our grapes have been purchased by the following wineries:

White Raven Winery (MT)
Mustang Mountain Vineyard & Winery (WY)
Willow Mountain Winery (MT

Tongue River Winery (MT)

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